Poetry  Workshops & Features

Evolve Workshop

Evolve has several hours of workshop experience and as a workshop leader believes in supporting writers to find themselves and what they are offering to the reader in their writing.  Evolve offers an array of workshops including: Queer and Trans People of Color Writing Circles, Writing Persona Poetry, How to write your first poem?, Writing about identity and intersectional lived experiences.

Social Justice Education

Evolve is a social justice educator and has over seven years of experience working with universities, non-profits agencies and organizations on building knowledge about diversity, equity and inclusion. While this work is important, Evolve realizes the importance of not only "teaching" diversity and inclusion but providing closed spaces for those who have been harmed, oppressed and unseen by these organizations to heal. Here are some of their offerings: 

  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender 101

  • Intersectionality and Unconscious Bias

  • The Art of being an Unrepresented Student: Navigating Imposter Syndrome

  • Building a work ritual

  • Navigating conversations with your students in the Trump Era

  • Black Love and Empowerment: The Healer of Anti-Blackness on College Campuses

Healing Spaces:

  • Black Healing as Art

  • Queer Transgender People of Color Healing as Art

  • Guided Meditation

  • QTPOC Wellness: The Act of being "Well"

*Custom training and healing spaces can be curated by Evolve Benton



Keynote Address & Motivational Speaking 

Have the theme for your next Lavender Graduation or need a keynote to rock your conference opening? 

We all have gifts, talents and capacities that make us valuable. Yet, often times these skills are stagnant or unseen because we don’t know how to tap into our ability to perform consistently at a high level. Peak Performance is about energy, health, habit, and motivation. Evolve Benton is a speaker in the field of Peak Performance. With an unmatched ability to make complex performance tactics simple and easy to implement, Evolve will design a presentation catered to your organization’s needs to ensure that everyone is achieving at their highest level. When a person is harmed or department is harmed its also important to acknowledge that a build a space where everyone is motivated to heal and show up as authentic as possible. 

Evolve delivers empowering, fun, value-packed presentations that drive meaningful outcomes for audiences. Evolve is the perfect blend of social justice, and practical strategy. Every presentation is customized to create the best possible impact, combining engaging stories, riveting visuals, and packed-full of valuable takeaways that the audience can use immediately to see a positive change in their lives.

Evolve has had the opportunity to work with the following organizations: