Hussle & Grow

A dedication to Ermias Asghedom

palm trees kneel in

protest  a king has been

bullied by bullets

to delay a dream you

must do more than

kill a man

you must find a way

to uproot all

the seeds he has


Fifty-Ninth and Fifth Ave, granny house with vanilla wafers

This the remedy, the seperation

2Pac of my generation

Blue pill in the fuckin' Matrix

The most powerful

part of being black

& from Los Angeles

is at night

we mount horses

with our ancestors

here in the wild, wild

West, we plant our dreams

on Slauson

on Crenshaw

on Arlington

on Vermont & Adams

on Manchester

our ancestors arms are the leaves

we are the palm trees of this city

standing tall, planted so deeply

we are not from this place

we were planted here

so there is no uprooting

the dream

our blood only

strengthens and deepens

the roots  

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 5.20.49 PM.png