Pre-Order SIR Volume 1 with Album Cover Poster

Pre-Order SIR Volume 1 with Album Cover Poster

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Evolve Benton grew up on 25th and Vermont in Los Angeles, CA. The neighborhood known as 25th Street, The Quota Block or Deuce Five.

When Evolve Benton dropped their poetry collection SIR: poetry dedicated to boihood and black queer love in June 2018 they got amazing reviews but learned that several people in their community didn’t read it because they didn’t like “reading”.

In order to bridge the gap and continue to make their story as accesible as possible, Evolve decided to put their voice to work.

“SIR VOLUME 1 is a dedicated to 25th and Vermont where helicopters and police cars are the soundtrack to our experience. “- Evolve Benton

Music Production by Analog Lust

Story & Writing by Evolve Benton



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