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SIR: poetry dedicated to boihood & black queer love

In a world that wants to shuffle girls and boys into complementary boxes, and keep black people of all genders docile and afraid, Evolve Benton is having none of it. Their debut chapbook SIR is loud, alive, and smart.

The collection is divided into three parts: "Allow Me to Introduce Myself," a whirlwind tour through different aspects of self and family; "My Blackness Will Be Televised," which situates the poet in relation to broader issues of blackness and queerness in America; and "Dear Femme," a short collection of love letters to a femme partner or partners.

In all three parts of the book, Benton seeks out contradictions, attends to them, and encouraging them to sing. B-O-I stands for beaten outwardly and internally, but also for born obviously incredible. - Ray Briggs

SIR: poetry dedicated to boihood & black queer love

SIR sums up Evolve's self-defined 'boihood' philosophy and includes personal wisdom that's gathered over time; a chapbook that vividly describes the intersections of being masculine of center and black while transitioning all at once. 'SIR', in other words, is the perfect mixtape to the Queer B.O.I soul.  .

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