Transform Culture with Me

I'm Evolve Benton

Speaking in front of various colleges, universities, and corporations, I have carved out a niche for myself, merging themes of diversity, equity, inclusion, and personal narrative to have transformative conversations and then applying them to policies, procedures, and action plans. I have a BA in Communications, a MA in Clinical Psychology, and an MFA in Creative Writing.

With over 12 years as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant and trainer, I specialize in facilitating transformative conversations at organizations thriving to be culturally diverse and apply DEI practices in action. 

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am the author of SIR: poetry dedicated to boihood and black queer love and the creator of The BOI Documentary. Furthermore, I am a podcaster at BOI Meets Wellness, where I discuss the intersections of money, business, and wellness. 

My transformative communication workshops identify key ways to analyze, deconstruct, and synthesize processes to identify normalized biases and un-inclusive practices from different perspectives at organizations and corporations. 

With this deep understanding, I can craft easy-to-understand implementation processes embedded with diversity, equity, and inclusion to help minimize biases and elevate healing that supports thriving, diverse teams.

Transform Culture with Me

"Evolve is a masterful facilitator! They are personable, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work alongside. I look forward to contracting them again in the future for other professional development activities for my DEI team. "

- Adrian Williams, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Evolve is a powerhouse and we are so grateful that we get to work with them. Evolve was a guest host for our online event series, and they worked with us from start to finish to ensure that they were bringing the right content and experience to our audience. They facilitated a writing workshop that brought a ton of joy, reflection, and community to our network, and we can't wait to invite them back! "

- Joi Foley, Rockwood Leadership Institute

"Our arts organization has had an incredible experience working with Evolve. They are compassionate, thoughtful, savvy, knowledgeable, and a great listener. Together we hosted three group workshops and worked on a DEI Roadmap including focus groups with various affinity groups. Both the process and product of our work has been a great way for our community to feel heard and valued. Thank you and looking forward to our continued work together! "

- Michelle Mansour, Root Division

Where Would You Like To Start?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultation 

Learn how to I help organizations with retaining diverse talent, fuel burnt-out teams, and help your organization lead in creating an inclusive culture.  


Keynote Speech

Learn how to collaborate with me so that I can bring one of my powerful, thoughtful, and inspirational speeches to your next event, graduation, leadership retreat, or summit. My greatness act is to inspire.


Public Speaking Education

Learn more about Speaking 4 Profit University. We help speakers and consultants increase their income and impact. 



SIR: Poetry Dedicated to BOI Hood and Black Queer Love 

SIR sums up Evolve's self-defined 'boihood' philosophy and includes personal wisdom that's gathered over time; a chapbook that vividly describes the intersections of being masculine of center and black while transitioning all at once. 'SIR', in other words, is the perfect mixtape to the Queer B.O.I soul.

Obtain a copy of my book, SIR.
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